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Rules for our chat room

1) Be nice to everyone.

2) Use only english for conversation. Use of other languages can lead to banning you from the room.

3) Don’t be a help vampire.

4) Use Gist to share code in the chat.

5) Don’t ping multiple people for help. Its considered rude, if someone is free he/she will help.

6) Please use a non-generic display image if you intend to hang around in the chat. The plain simple SO avatars for profile is boring and confusing when 10 of you are talking in the room.


These are not to be followed strictly.. Room owners can enforce them as per their own judgement

1) Don’t abuse the bot. It is there for helpful/fun purpose but please do not use it to spam the room or do other nonsense stuff.

2) Ask your question on the main site and then share the link in the chat. Asking your question on main site allow more people to get help when they see your question later on during search and you are contributing to the community this way.

For Users New to the site!

A chat room isn’t a replacement for the main site. This is more of a social aspect. Not everyone here comes to help each other, they like to hang around and talk things rather then just answering questions. Please don’t show a bad attitude as “no one is helping”. We like to help that does not mean we are obligated to!.
If someone knows the answer or comes across a interesting question, most of the time it is answered.

Try simply saying a hi and introducing yourself and then asking your question. This will be your best bet to get answers. Simply asking help me/anyone here/ can i ask a question here and people might just ignore, they dont know you and are not sure if you would actually ask a good question or not. Also if you ask a question, please post all relevant details that the other developer can use to help you. Most of the time it is just sharing what you have already tried!

Any suggestions/contributions to the website are welcome :)